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EU Enhances the Access Threshold of Plastic Kitchenware

  Shenzhen inspection and quarantine bureau learned that from July 1 this year, China's mainland and Hong Kong exports to the EU imitation porcelain plastic bowl, pan nylon shovel and other products will face a higher threshold, the related enterprises in Shenzhen must respond in a timely manner.
  It is understood that the EU regulation since July 1, 2011, on made in or shipped from Chinese mainland and Hong Kong polyamide kitchen utensils and appliances (commonly known as "nylon" tableware, such as pan with nylon shovel, etc.), melamine kitchenware (such as imitation porcelain plastic bowl, etc.), in addition to the primary aromatic amine and formaldehyde specific migration limit should satisfy the EU directive 2002/72 / EC plastic food contact materials requirements, also on the import management to take special measures: one is can only be accessed from the specified port. Second, the importer must provide the declaration that the product's primary aromatic amine and formaldehyde completely meet the requirements of the eu limit, and attach the corresponding qualified test report; Third, the competent authorities shall carry out sampling tests on the import batches in a proportion of 10%. In addition to authorization, only after the results are qualified can they be released.
  The implementation of this regulation will undoubtedly put China's relevant products at a disadvantage in the competition with similar products of other countries. Experts from the bureau believe that designated ports limit the flexibility and convenience of transportation and destination selection, lengthen the distance of commodity circulation and increase logistics costs. Sampling inspection will extend the customs clearance time and increase various customs clearance costs caused by waiting for goods at ports and yards. Requiring batches of laboratory test reports will further drive up production costs of related products in China.
  To this end, shenzhen inspection and quarantine bureau reminds the enterprises, to closely track the implementation of relevant laws and regulations of EU, strengthen information collection, we should have a clear idea that there are a lot of regulations about limit quantities on the export destination countries, take consideration of the impact of new EU import measures on business operations, especially marketing and logistics arrangements as early as we can. At the same time, according to EU regulations, if there is no mark on the product, the most stringent test conditions will be selected for testing, which may lead to the unqualified product being detected in normal use. Therefore, relevant enterprises should pay more attention to product identification and product traceability in production to avoid unnecessary losses.